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27th March 2007

5:12pm: In the interest of keeping to the spirit of livejournal, I shall make a post about my daily life.

I had pancakes this morning.

Let the nerd-speak begin.

30th January 2007

9:07pm: New thread~
Current Mood: blah

19th December 2006

5:04pm: New thread!
Current Mood: busy

3rd December 2006

5:29pm: New thread again ^^ Logo, get Magic Workshop from the next post down, its in there somewhere!
Current Mood: optimistic

20th November 2006

6:14pm: New thread, because old one was getting too big and hard to navigate ^^
Current Mood: lazy

9th November 2006

9:52pm: Magicy Goodness!
Thread for magic!
Current Mood: accomplished
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